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Call an external mail program like Evolution from Pan

I'm using the newsreader Pan. Unfortunately, this newsreader doesn't have an option yet to use external mail programs (like, in my case, Evolution) to forward a message or to reply by e-mail. It just has an option to define a smtp server and sends the mail itself. For me, that was quite unsatisfactory: e.g., there's no security like ssl, and I like to have the convenience of Evolution, such as the address book or the possibility to archive the sent messages.

Now I didn't want to immerse myself in the code of Pan itself and add the option there. I found a much simpler solution, with the only drawback of having to make one click or press two keys more when sending a mail: I implemented a pseudo-SMTP server that takes the data from Pan when you hit 'send' there and calls Evolution to open a new message window with the data. This solution has the additional advantage that it also works perfectly with the option to send a mail and post to a newsgroup at the same time; just one step more to confirm the mail in Evolution.

The program is written in and can be run by Java 1.4. Command line parameters are the port where it shall listen (default 25) and the command to start the mail program (default: evolution mailto:%r?subject=%s&cc=%c&bcc=%b&body=%t). You can add CC and BCC lines in Pan on the 'custom headers' page, if you like, but I find it easier to add them later in Evolution ;-). Unfortunately, I couldn't find out whether Evolution somehow supports the reply-to field in its command line. If you happen to know, please drop me a line. The only configuration change necessary in Pan is to name localhost (or the computer running Evolution and the Adapter, of course) as the SMTP Server in the 'Mail' preferences.

The files: SMTPEvolutionAdapter.class (compiled) and (Source).

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